Yoga & Meditation


Man wants happiness. He shuns pain. He makes various sorts of efforts to get happiness from objects and gets himself entangled in the meshes and snares of Maya. As these objects are perishable, finite and conditioned in time, space and causation, he fails to get the desired happiness from the objects. This world is imperfect and there is uncertainty of life. A barrister talks at the telephone, ascends the staircase to take his meals upstairs and dies on the staircase.

There is a mental uneasiness, dissatisfaction, discontent and restlessness even in multi-millionaires and kings. Some kind of sorrow, misery or pain is always present even when you are in the height of enjoyment of worldly pleasures. Mind is so constituted that the rhythm of pleasure and pain is kept up like the rhythm of systole and diastole of the heart. You entertain the idea that the happiness will pass away soon. This adds pain when you are in the enjoyment of sensual pleasure.

What do you gain if you practice Yoga in everyday life?

Out of experience and realization, I can confidently shout out that it gives you strength to cultivate indomitable will. Helps to practice self-control and self-mastery. Develop clear and independent judgement.

Do not try to drive away the unimportant and irrelevant thoughts. The more you try, the more will they return and the more strength will they gain. You will only tax your energy and will. Become indifferent. Fill the mind with divine thoughts. The others will gradually vanish.