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“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.” -Paul Prudhomme

“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.” -Alan D. Wolfelt

“MoM, what have you prepared for breakfast today?” Sonu, the youngest daughter in the family enquired her mother while still lying on her bed on a sunday morning.

“I have prepared your favorite Masala Dosa & Paneer Kheer for you today Sonu.” replied her Mother. Get up soon and have bath, let’s have breakfast together, she further said.

This is a normal dialogue between the child and their parents or even adults today put forth the same inquiry with their spouses to be motivated to make up their mind to get off from the bed in the morning.

Hope you may agree and also would have witnessed this type of a morning behavior at any home, thinking what would be special for their breakfast today! Probably it happens with each of us and that may be one sole reason to drive people to get off from their bed in the mornings.

         Eating together is so intimate, sensual and meaningful. One important invitation we are normally offered is to have Lunch, Dinner with each other. It’s a symbol of love, caring, understanding, friendship and much more. If you’re inviting a person to have food with you, you’re open and inviting a person to your life. The people who give you their food normally give you their heart.

Next is the process involved in the preparation of food which is just relaxing, destressing and therapeutic. The fragrances of the spices, the aromas expelled which takes us to a trance, the sense of achievement you can enjoy while witnessing a raw material turning out to a presentable and consumable finished dish, the deep sense of satisfaction you feel while serving and further a smile on your face when your guest or family just blissfully complimenting with their eyes closed for catering to their hidden desires of having the best and good food.

Nothing is better than going home and having a leisurely good food with the family and relaxing. It is also said that we can tell who you are by knowing what you eat. Eating good food is certainly everyone’s favorite thing in this whole world and nothing seems to be more blissful apart from that.

Have you ever closely got in touch with a piece of cucumber or a carrot and had a whispering dialogue with it? If you truly get in touch with it, you can feel the soil, the rain, the green, the unique fragrance, color, identity, shape, the sunshine, the Mother Earth and what not and you just feel you are in touch with the true life.

I could talk about food all day, but for now let’s pause and think about an alarming situation in today’s fast food world.

We know many good and sacred things and facts about food as shared in the above few lines, and at the same time our attitude towards this ‘Divine Life Energy called FOOD’ is not the same anymore. Hope you got it right on what I meant?

Yes, you got it right. Food is not being treated the way it should be, which is a pity to the Nation and also alarming to know that the people are just not ready to give even a minute of their time to think of the many ways and means food is being wasted today and absolutely ZERO EFFORTS to contain and safe guard food without wasting it.

         Have you ever tried to entertain a human/animal who is hungry? You can just do that with good food and with no efforts. Can you just give a thought on what is the power of good food and what is means to waste every pinch of it?

It’s high time that each of us will have to act on our knowledge and wisdom to change the way that everyone today is thinking about food and it has become a deliberate need for us to shout out to people and say, “Hey, Please Don’t Waste Food, that’s precious and it may cost you anything in the days to come. Be aware!!”

We would urge people in the society to become more sensible and responsible by not wasting food and if we are continuing to waste food don’t you think we are in a way squeezing it from the hands of the poor and the hungry!

         It is the birth right of everyone to have good food but how many of them are in a position to claim theirs every day? If not good food, are they happy with at least something to eat and get rid of their hunger and starvation. No! When we know that someone is not even getting his daily meals and is in continuous hunger, how are we motivated and what makes us so convincing to waste food on the first hand? “FOOD WASTED IS NO ONE’S MEAL”.

Also, we do not realize the importance of something which is easily accessible and available to us in abundance today and certainly a time will come to realize that if we don’t take action today, as it’s said today’s wastage is tomorrow’s shortage.

When someone is leaving his last breath because he did not have nothing to eat at that moment, and we are throwing away with no reason the same life saving energy source which is a great power to the living being.

The world’s hunger is getting stronger and ridiculous. There are more vitamins in a rich man’s shampoo than in a poor man’s plate!!